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SoulCollage card by Michelle Villanti

Heartbreak is irrevocably life altering.  It changes the inner landscape of a person’s psyche and the outer world is seen through new eyes.  These new eyes see more shadow and shade…the contrasts are sharper and the divides wider.

To create bridges between the two feels like massive undertakings and cannot be traversed alone.  And yet it is a solo journey…the heart’s mending cannot be done using the old worn out ways.  Once a heart is broken, the needles of its mending must be larger and the threads so much thicker and stronger because they are pulling together parts of the heart that will remain forever asunder - never again looking as smooth and unblemished - or as innocent - as before.  

Heartbreak seems to be an initiation into a world that must be reinvented and re-occupied by a host of otherlings, some so foreign it’s as if one has arrived in an utterly new universe with otherworldly beings whose ways in this world are strange and not yet seen as wondrous, though in time they will be seen as such.  

Heartbreak does not discriminate - all are welcomed into this land if they chanced having an open heart that loved deeply and truly.  Heartbreak is only a temporary outpost in this greater journey that requires courage and the vulnerability of tears, grief and release.  There are no clocks in this world and the process and journey takes as much space as necessary before moving on - reborn…the new skin is in place, the inner glow evident.  

When gratitude is realized, then the next leg of the journey is possible and all manner of conveyances arrive to take you onward, inward, skyward, deep sea bound…you choose.  You know after all this you can choose them all because at the end of the world you find…there is no end of the world.

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