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Owner/Clinical Director Michelle Villanti, LCSW

Michelle has over 30 years of experience treating eating disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders, has lectured and consulted widely in Maui for over 15 years. 

Medical Director

Terisa Jackson, ND

Dr. Jackson is a formally trained Naturopathic Physician with a thriving Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Practice on Maui. She is skilled at integrating natural medical principles with modern, evidence-based therapies. Dr. Teri is also a professional science writer and researcher for a team of cutting edge supplement formulators. 

Alice Covey, RD

Certified as an Intuitive Eating counselor with 15+ years of eating disorder treatment experience, Alice delivers empathic and effective nutrition support with an integrative and grounded approach to health.


Art Therapist 
Beth Marcil, SoulCollage® Facilitator 

Beth Marcil is a widely recognized visual artist and creative workshop facilitator, adept at combining her love of art and creative process with her deep appreciation for their power to heal. Through the marriage of multiple art mediums, visual journaling, and a wonderful process called SoulCollage®, Beth joyfully assists others in unlocking the door to their innate creativity and wisdom.

Primary Therapist

We are looking for a Licensed Masters-level Psychotherapist for Nova Luna Center's day treatment program.


Summary of the job: Under the supervision of the CEO/Clinical Director, a Primary Therapist is responsible for facilitating individual and group therapy within the day treatment model, working collaboratively with a team of clinicians to ensure all aspects of clients' treatment is person-centered and in alignment with their treatment goals. A Primary Therapist is responsible for documenting and tracking the treatment planning process of their assigned individual clients, and for administering data-collecting therapeutic instruments on a regular basis, in addition to their therapy sessions. 

Primary Therapists are assigned an average caseload of 4-8 clients at a time, and hold 1-3 group therapy sessions weekly (most likely in the evenings). The ideal candidate will be able to work 12-18 hours per week over 2-3 days, and will have experience as a primary therapist within a treatment facility context.


Expertise in the following are required, or must be quickly acquired:

  • Narrative Therapies: use of metaphor and storytelling as a means of eliciting depth and awareness of core wounds and universal themes that all humans experience on this spiritual and emotional life journey (i.e. Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

  • Background in eating disorder treatment and an understanding of the emotional/spiritual meanings that underlie the eating disorder behaviors.

  • The ability to address these behaviors through the use of somatic modalities, such as art, music, psychodrama and Internal Family Systems*.

    • while clinicians certified in other modalities are most welcomed in order to enrich the Center's therapeutic offerings, all Nova Luna clinicians are expected to learn the language of Internal Family Systems and acquire a working knowledge of it.

This will be a part-time position to start, with the opportunity to develop into a full-time position as circumstance requires.

Compensation: Hourly rate, DOE. Medical/Dental/Vision available for full-time employees.

Required education: Must be licensed in social work, marriage family therapy, or related mental health field.  Additional certification(s) in an evidence-based therapeutic modality strongly preferred.

Required experience: Minimum three (3) years experience in counseling and group therapy, with eating disorder background strongly preferred. Excellent organizational, prioritization, and interpersonal communication skills. Computer proficiency is a must for proper documentation and Center communications. Experience working within multi-disciplinary teams.

Along with their resumes, applicants must submit a cover letter that summarizes their previous clinical experience and why they want to work with eating disorders and trauma particularly. Please email with this information.

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