The Nova Luna Process

How Transformation is Realized:

The Birth of a New Moon

The new moon begins in darkness, as is often the case for individuals beginning the journey of healing and recovery. When a person initially seeks support and guidance, they may have experienced a loss, trauma, or be in transition in their lives and searching for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.  Or, they may be experiencing more intense difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, and other more serious emotional issues and behaviors.

Likewise, at the new moon there is only a sliver of light that can be seen around the edges of the darkened moon. As the lunar cycle progresses, more and more light is visible as the moon grows in luster. This metaphor mirrors the process of transformation and change over time. As an individual moves from the darkness of their unconscious, hidden self into awareness, clarity, and inner knowing, they become full: emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

The moon has long been associated with intuition and the cycles of life, death, and rebirth. The moon controls the tides of the great sea: ebbing and flowing, rising and falling as the deep emotions within ourselves — ever-changing, yet constant.

So the sliver of hope of the 'Nova Luna' can transform and grow as the psyche is healed through multidisciplinary processes, which may include individual, group, and family therapy, nutritional counseling, trauma resolution, experiential therapy, and other modalities tailored to our clients' individual needs.


A selection of reflections from previous clients who have experienced the Nova Luna Process:

"Nova Luna tailors treatment to serve each individuals needs. This program helped me take back my life that trauma stole from me at age four. Everyone involved held my hand, while challenging me to overcome this particular trauma. The therapists provided many outlets to express my emotions, and tools to help me stay healthy throughout the rest of my life."

— L.B. 27

"Everyone at Nova Luna supported me and accepted me no matter what, which created the foundational trust that allowed me to keep working at my recovery. Through the tools and insights they shared with me I came to know myself as a creative and passionate woman. I cannot say it was easy, but through the process I moved beyond seeing myself as a ‘survivor’ and began to thrive."

— K.K. 29

"After ten years of living in this nightmare of an illness, I found Nova Luna. This program gave me a chance to live my life to its full potential. Recovery for me is in knowing that I am good enough and that I am so much more than what I look like." 

— N.L.  24

 "I am so grateful to have found Nova Luna. When I met my therapist, I knew I finally found a safe place. She gave me hope that there is light at the end of the darkness."

— S.M. 35